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Heavy Equipment Towing

Heavy Machinery Towing in Mechanicsville, VA

Regardless of whether your heavy machinery towing needs stem from an unfortunate worksite accident or the equipment cannot be driven on Mechanicsville, VA roadways, Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker has everything required to make the move. We possess a diverse fleet of wreckers, rotator booms, hoisting equipment, and flatbed trucks to complete a heavy machinery hauling operation.

Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker provides cost-effective heavy equipment towing services for wheeled and non-wheeled machinery in Mechanicsville, VA and the surrounding area. Our diverse fleet of heavy equipment hauling vehicles and hoisting assets allows our field technicians to elevate and transport commercial and agricultural machinery in a safe and efficient fashion.

We’ve been providing these services to members of the construction, freight transportation, and agricultural industries for decades. Putting people ahead of profits, we keep our heavy equipment moving costs at the lowest possible rate.

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Mechanicsville’s #1 Heavy Equipment Hauling Company

At Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, we earned a reputation for heavy equipment transport excellence in Mechanicsville, VA by exceeding industry standards. Our status as the local leader in heavy machinery towing is put to the test one project at a time. We firmly believe every customer should be treated politely and get cost-effective value from our heavy equipment hauling services. That, along with our experienced specialists’ diligent attention to detail and adherence to strict safety procedures, made us the #1 heavy equipment hauling company in Mechanicsville, VA.

We are the go-to resource for heavy machinery moving because we put the needs of our customers first. Our community-minded approach, extensive fleet, and problem-solving technicians are reasons why Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker earned a reputation for getting the job done on time. If you need wheeled or non-wheeled assets transported, contact our customer care center today.

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Cargo Load Shifts, Load Swaps and Transfers

Unbalanced loads present a clear and present danger to commercial motor vehicle operators as well as motorists in close proximity. Having to take evasive action to avoid a collision can cause a tractor trailer to roll over, jackknife, or send the 80,000-pound big rig into a roadside ditch.

And when semi trucks suffer breakdowns and require roadside assistance or a heavy duty tow, hours of service time is lost, and the cargo is delayed. These are reasons why cargo load shifts, load swaps, and transfers remain a necessity of the freight transportation sector. At Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, our critical assets include wreckers, winches, mobile rotator booms, forklifts, and extensive hoisting equipment needed to get the job done.

If you are dealing with an uneven load or your tractor trailer isn’t operating properly, we are a phone call away. Our dispatcher will take down the pertinent information and send the vehicles and equipment to conduct a roadside swap, shift, or transfer. We can even coordinate with your freight carrier to arrive promptly with the transfer vehicle. Thanks to the safety-certified specialists and their ability to perform on-site services, we’ll have your cargo back on the road in no time.


Heavy equipment transport and machinery hauling services rank among the most cost-friendly methods of getting crucial assets to job sites or repair facilities. Efficient heavy machinery hauling reduces the time lost while your profit-driving equipment sits idle. These services can also be rolled into the total cost of projects. Those are reasons why calling a professional heavy equipment transportation makes sense. But the reason construction and agricultural organizations in Mechanicsville, VA call Robinson’s Towing, Recovery & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker is because we get the job done safely and cost-effectively.

Heavy Duty Winching Services and Ditch Pull Outs

The scene of a construction machinery accident, tractor trailer rollover, or farm equipment stuck in a ditch sometimes requires a Herculean effort to correct. While we may not have a legendary strongman on staff, we do have the powerful heavy duty winching equipment to right massive equipment. There’s no terrain, situation, or piece of machinery we can’t pull out of a ditch, stand upright, and transport to the repair facility of your choice. These are ways we help rectify heavy equipment and machinery problems.

  • RV and Bus Winching Service
  • Semi Truck Winching Service
  • Low Bridge Semi Recovery Service
  • Sunken Tractor Trailer Lifting
  • Jackknife Trucks
  • Off-Road Winching Services
  • Underwater Recovery Services
  • Ditch Pull Outs
  • Semi Truck Rollovers
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